Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#5 and #6 Talent I Wish I Had

#5 Meaning behind my blog name... that's pretty self-explainitory. Three months from YESTERDAY I will be turning 30!!! And this is my blog about that.

#6 Talent I Wish I Had... I don't know if I have a good answer for this one. As I've grown up, I've changed what I wished I could do. Play piano, play guitar, sing well, be and exceptional athlete, act.... but really, I've become pretty content with what I can and cannot do. Photography has become my "can" and while I will never be able to sing well... photography has become my artistic outlet. When some people write poems, or play guitar... I bust out my camera and photograph. Its theraputic. And I REALLY wish I had time to shoot more for myself. That is one of my [unwritten] New Years Resolutions.

Oh... I just realized I should write down my resolutions in a place I can see them daily... to remind me what I'm working on and towards. This blog post just took a 180 turn, but it made me realize that is almost February and I've yet to lose anymore weight and I haven't been photographing anything for myself yet!!!

The resolutions to keep the house clean has actually been working out well. Our bedroom is still a disaster zone, but every night Kyle and I clean up the downstairs. One of us works on the dishes while the other picks up all of Rowan's toys in the living room. Its nice to come downstairs in the morning to start with a clean slate... and quickly gets destroyed all over again.

As for the weight thing... I was doing REALLY well on my 1200 calorie diet, but then we had a death in the family right before Christmas and comfort food was all I was surrounded with. And since then I haven't been able to get back on the wagon (horse?). Anyway... today is a new day... and today starts 1200 calories AND working out!!! I think I'll keep a daily record of my working out too. Someplace I can see every day and easily write down what I did that day. I already use an awesome App for calorie counting... MyFitnessPal. Its really awesome!! Try it if you need help counting and keeping track of your calorie intake.

Anyway... maybe I'll post pictures of what I come up with for tracking my resolutions and my daily food/exercise. Maybe. ;-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

#4 The Last Book I Read

Wow. This one is going to either make me seem like an avid reader or an avid loser.

Buuuuut... I've read 10 books since Christmas. And before you go and think I'm some crazy reader and I must have so much knowledge up in that brain of mine... let me clarify.

I've read the entire True Blood series. Its about vampires and werewolves and fairies and mind readers. Aaaand its awesome!

Next on my list are the Hunger Games books. There are 3 and I hear they are amazing and quick reads.

And then after that I hope to read books that are not in either the "young readers" second OR the "supernatural romance" section. But I make no promises. ;-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

#3 Something You Refuse to Do

This one was kind of tough, because I don't know if anything I flat out REFUSE to do. But I could think of a lot of things I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate to do, there for I procrastinate long enough until it gets out of control, or until Kyle gets fed up and does it himself. Here are a few such things:

1) Take out the trash. Now, we do have an understanding that the trash in the kitchen is Kyle's responsibility. And he's REALLY good about taking it out. But some how I got in my head that I don't need to take out the bathroom trash either. Which, is kind of selfish of me considering once a month I fill it up a lot quicker than he does (if you get my TMI drift). But even then, he does it. But not before he makes a point by leaving it there overflowing for a couple days.

2) Feeding the dog. You see, if I'm feeding our child... then I only feel its reasonable to assume Kyle should feed the dog. That sounds lazy of me... but we have a special situation with our dog and his food. He requires raw food. UGH. Its such a pain in my ass. Back before Rowan was born, I always fed the dog. I even went as far as pureeing veggies and fruits to add to his raw meat patties. But once the kiddo came around, I realized that was just too much to handle. So I passed along the responsibilities to Kyle... which has slowly evolved into grain-free kibble and a 1/2 patty of raw meat. This is going to sound sad, but I'm so not used to doing it now, I've even forgotten to feed the dog on days Kyle is out of town. Oopsy!!!

3) Getting my car wash. I won't even go as far as taking it through a drive-thru. Mostly I feel like its a waste of money when Kyle can just do it himself for free. Now... I know what you're thinking... and let me just explain. My husband used to own his own business. What business might that have been you ask?? Oh, a MOBILE CAR WASHING AND DETAILING BUSINESS!!! Yes, he used to WASH CARS for a living before he sold his business!! Hence my mentality that Kyle should be more than capable to do it himself. Yet... here my car sits, dirty. For weeks at a time.

So, I think that's about it. ;-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#2 My Favorite Part of the Day

My favorite part of the day is the end of the day when Rowan starts to calm down and wants to sit in my lap. He is an active child... to say the least. And he does not snuggle or fall asleep in my arms. So when he wants to sit in my lap and drink his milk or watch a cartoon, I just melt and I soak in EVERY second of it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

#1 My Work Space

Just a couple months ago, I spent lots of time and energy redecorating our office. It was documented on my Tumbr... so if you want to see my spanking new office, check it out here on Color My House Rad.

The fact of the matter is, I don't use that office... other than to store my business stuff and gear. Rowan won't let me work in there, even if there is a baby sitter. He just screams at the door. And... our cell phones don't work in there (Thanks ATT) and we're too cheap to get a land line. (Do you know how expensive a land line is???)

So... most days I work standing up at my kitchen counter or at my (new) kitchen table. And unless I have to back my work up or print something, I hardly go in my office. Which makes me sad... because I LOVE the room and I feel like it really is a representation of my style. Buuuut... until Rowan lets me work in there, it will remain relatively unused.

Kitchen Table:
kitchen table

Kitchen Counter:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

30 Things...

A couple of my favorite bloggers are doing a little something that's floating around the blog-o-sphere right now. Turning 30 topics into 30 blog posts. And since MY whole blog is about turning 30... I thought it would be perfect to join in. So thanks Sarah and Sarah for putting this out there!

(P.S. I think the goal of this was to do this in 30 days... but um, yeah... that's definitely not going to happen. But I will definitely try to do this regularly!)
  1. Your work space.
  2. The best part of your day.
  3. Something you refuse to do.
  4. Last book you read.
  5. Meaning behind your blog name.
  6. Talent you wish you had.
  7. A photo of you without makeup.
  8. Last item you purchased.
  9. Something that makes you sad.
  10. 15 Facts about you.
  11. Your favorite thing right now.
  12. Best Christmas present you ever got.
  13. Your favorite teacher.
  14. Something you’re thankful for.
  15. A photo from your childhood.
  16. Something you crave.
  17. Your worst hair moment (if you skip this one, it’s totally cool).
  18. Favorite smells.
  19. Last time you cried.
  20. Last time you had to apologize to someone.
  21. Something that scares you.
  22. Something that really bugs you.
  23. What you dislike most about your appearance.
  24. Celebrity crush.
  25. A trait you deplore in others.
  26. A photo taken 10 years ago.
  27. First book/movie/song that moved you.
  28. What turns you off?
  29. The story behind one of your scars.
  30. This one was left blank... so I guess its my choice. ;-)

I'm kind of excited to start doing this too!!! It definitely will give me some material for blogging. Can't wait to start!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This year I am making resolutions. For as long as I can remember, losing weight was my only resolution each year. And while it STILL is one for 2011, I have a couple more.

1) Read more. That hasn't been a problem, considering I've already started and finished two books this year. I read the Twilight series last year (reading books #3 and #4 twice, because they are my favorites)... and this year, I'd like to branch out. Granted, I'm half way through the True Blood series, so my "branching out" will have to wait until I finish 5 more books, I have some more respectable (non-vampire) books on my list.

2) Eat healthy and be HAPPY with my weight. I am not happy with my weight right now. But I want to be a the point where I'm not DAILY doing something to make my muffin top bigger. I think if I knew I was eating healthy, getting some form of exercise on a regular basis, and I was still this size, I would be ok with it. But I'm not. I am at my "I eat nachos and don't work out" weight. So something has to be done about that. In December, before we really moved into the holidays, I started counting calories and doing cardio daily. It was working out so well and I even lost about 7 pounds until Christmas came... and now I can't get back into it. So my goal is to start again this coming week and follow through with it. Turning 30 has given me a desire to be healthy and happy with myself. So I'm hoping I can conquer this one in the early months of 2011. I want to be feeling really good about myself when my birthday comes in April.

3) Clean up after myself. I'm not gonna lie... I'm lazy and I'm messy to live with. My side of the bathroom looks like my makeup bag and hair accessories threw up... its bad. Not to mention my coffee cups are everywhere too. So its my goal to work on that. As well as putting away my clothes. This is probably going to be the hardest of all 3 of my resolutions.

Anyway... they aren't exciting, but they are something I'm hoping to be serious about. Some people hate making resolutions and think its pointless, but I really do think its a good time to reevaluate where you are in life and to make some changes. And maybe I'm just more serious about it this year because I'm turning 30 in a few months. EEPS!!