Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am me.

As a photographer, I often get inspiration from other photographers. Most of the time awesome photography just pushes me to keep creating and defining myself. But there are also those times when the self doubt sneaks into my thoughts.

"I would never have shot it that way."

"Why can't I see the world like they do?"

How do you keep those thoughts from coming in? I understand that I am not them... and that is a good thing. I understand that what makes me unique (hopefully) is ME. But sometimes I wonder if I am unique enough. Unique enough to create something that people want. Unique enough to create something that people will pay a premium for. Unique enough to continue and be successful.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I am and that I will continue to be.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#15 A Photo from my Childhood

Just like the post says...

Enjoying some ice cream.

My family was stylish!

I LOVE this picture of my mom and I. I so badly wish Rowan would fall asleep on my chest like this.

#11 Favorite thing right now


I know Kyle and I were probably the last people on the face of the planet to get Netflix. But we got it. And we love it!! Mostly because of the online streaming!!!

So far I've watched countless movies... as well as Rowan has been able to have some of his favorite cartoons available immediately. But I think the best part for me are the tv series I've never seen before. I've already watched all of Arrested Development (can I just say WHEN is the movie coming out??) and My So Called Life. I can't believe I had never seen My So Called Life!!

We are now on Rescue Me. ;-) This is going to make the television off season much more enjoyable!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My First Roll of Film

I picked up my first roll of 35mm film today. I kind of rushed through the roll because my eBay purchase only had a 7 day return policy. So I felt the pressure to power through the roll and get it developed... just in case something was wrong. And although the pictures are nothing spectacular because they were just taken around the house, I'm so excited over the color and feel of them. To many of you... they look like just snap shots. Because they are. The film isn't nearly as sharp as my digital camera... and there was no additional editing after I got the roll back. Plus, Costco (yup... I got them developed at Costco) forgot to scan the images on a CD so these have been scanned from my much lessor quality scanner at home. Either way. They give me the warm and fuzzies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#9 Last Item Purchased

Personal projects. All creatives need them. With out them, our passion, that we've turned into a job, would simply return to being just a job. I don't often get the time to work on personal projects. Partially because it requires a baby sitter... but mostly because I haven't had any good ideas for decent projects lately.

My last project was probably 9 months ago. I loved it and it literally consumed me. But that's the thing with personal projects. They stir up passion. And if that passion is not being fed, then it will leak into my professional work. And what good of a photographer would I be if I lost passion for my work.

Anyway... I've been really feeling the need for a new project. And I've finally settled on trying out film!! Yeah!!! So today, after a few ichats and emails with other photographer friends who I know have already dabbled in it... I settled on a Nikon FE.

Then after doing some quick searching it appeared eBay was my only option. Ugh. I hate eBay. It gives me anxiety. I found a number of Nikon FE's on eBay... 4 of which were ending within the next few hours!!! I made some grave mistakes on the first two cameras. I placed bids with about 10 minutes left and then the price got to high... so finally on the 3rd camera (which actually also came with a 28mm lens too... when the first two cameras were 'body only') I placed my first bid at 10 seconds left... AND I WON!! And I spent $10 less than what the first two cameras closed at!

So... holla!!!!

But the best part about buying a Nikon is that I can use ALL my current lenses on it!! I doubt I'll be putting on my massive 24-70 on this camera, but my 50mm 1.4... OH YES!!!

Anyway... in 3 weekends Kyle and I are going on our FIRST weekend trip away from Rowan!! We've both been away from him separately, but never together. So we're heading up to Kernville with our good friend Joel and Erica... and its going to be a photographic hoopla!! Joel is a photographers as well... and I think I've convinced him to dust off his Canon ae-1 and shoot some film with me that weekend. I'm so excited and I can't wait to see the results!

Soooooo... that was my most recent purchase. ;-)