Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am me.

As a photographer, I often get inspiration from other photographers. Most of the time awesome photography just pushes me to keep creating and defining myself. But there are also those times when the self doubt sneaks into my thoughts.

"I would never have shot it that way."

"Why can't I see the world like they do?"

How do you keep those thoughts from coming in? I understand that I am not them... and that is a good thing. I understand that what makes me unique (hopefully) is ME. But sometimes I wonder if I am unique enough. Unique enough to create something that people want. Unique enough to create something that people will pay a premium for. Unique enough to continue and be successful.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I am and that I will continue to be.


  1. This is kinda funny timing because I was looking at your weekend photos on facebook thinking "Wow, Colleen has really defined her photography style."

  2. I think you are very awesome and unique :) I feel that way about my cupcake endeavors. The thing is, you too inspire people as well!

  3. I struggle with this constantly, but it's comforting to know that with photography, like everything else, there are people at all levels. I wish we could all cut out the competition and the self doubt and just collaborate and come up with some kick ass photos together!