Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

So, a bunch of us girls on Twitter all decided to start a 30 day photo challenge today. I'm not usually one to participate in these because sometimes I feel like they aren't that "challenging." The main challenge for me is finding time to take a one specific type of picture each day. Which to me feels more like work than fun. But after seeing a particular list thats been floating around, I felt like I wanted to do it.

I can't promise that each picture will be taken that day. Honestly, I KNOW each picture won't be taken that day. I fully intend on knocking out multiple pics in one day (aka. when I have a baby sitter)... then just posting them on the corresponding date. I know that isn't part of the deal, but that's how its gonna have to work for me. So you deal. ;-)

So anyway... all that to say, here is the list and I hope to post Day One a little bit later today. ;-) And once I confirm who's all doing the challenge, I'll post links to their blogs/tumblers as well. Happy shooting!!!!


  1. I'm excited!!!! It's hard for me as well to take a photo every day (it varies week to week), buuuuut I have to push myself! And maybe even a crappy picture late at night will just have to suffice :)

  2. Is there room for one more? I'd love to try this -- I'm by no means a photographer but I have a decent camera (Canon 50D) and I want to spend more "me" time learning how to use it. I went on a night shoot for the first time last night...didn't get any great shots but a couple of ok ones! I'm @SoxyLady on Twitter