Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Film - 2nd Roll

Shooting film has been a LOT of fun for me. It is a completely different way of shooting. Sure the same technical rules apply but learning to be more intentional with my images has been a change of pace for me. With digital, I could seriously shoot 700 images from one engagement session (!!) and come away with about 70 that the client will see. Often times I'm just shooting like crazy while the client is interacting and hoping for just one good image that has both of their eyes open and hope they look cute. And when my camera shoots like 8 frames per second... eventually I do get that shot I'm looking for. And while I still don't think that's a bad way to get genuine moments between a couple, there are other times where I know I could slow it down and just really think about the shot before I shoot it. And if I know I got it... I just need to STOP taking pictures of that moment and move on to something else.

Film has kind of reminded me of that. I am only shooting it for personal use and that is the way I intend to keep it. My wedding style does not lend itself to film. But I think as a photographer, challenging myself and learning new ways to shoot is definitely going to help me in the long run. It keeps my mind fresh and it really does change me.

This roll is only my second roll of film and I know its nothing fantastic, but here are some shots from it. This roll took me almost 4 weeks to finish. But last night I put in a 3rd roll and finished the entire roll in just a couple hours. Rowan and I were just hanging out in the backyard and I was snapping away. I'm excited to get that roll back later today. I also think I want to try black and white too. ;-) Ooooh... but color is so pretty!!!


  1. I love how they turned out :)

  2. Hearing you talk about shooting with film has got me thinking about it as well. There's just something so artistic about it, and I feel like it's much more forgiving considering the process. Did that make any sense at all? haha.

    Love the results so far!