Thursday, January 20, 2011

#3 Something You Refuse to Do

This one was kind of tough, because I don't know if anything I flat out REFUSE to do. But I could think of a lot of things I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate to do, there for I procrastinate long enough until it gets out of control, or until Kyle gets fed up and does it himself. Here are a few such things:

1) Take out the trash. Now, we do have an understanding that the trash in the kitchen is Kyle's responsibility. And he's REALLY good about taking it out. But some how I got in my head that I don't need to take out the bathroom trash either. Which, is kind of selfish of me considering once a month I fill it up a lot quicker than he does (if you get my TMI drift). But even then, he does it. But not before he makes a point by leaving it there overflowing for a couple days.

2) Feeding the dog. You see, if I'm feeding our child... then I only feel its reasonable to assume Kyle should feed the dog. That sounds lazy of me... but we have a special situation with our dog and his food. He requires raw food. UGH. Its such a pain in my ass. Back before Rowan was born, I always fed the dog. I even went as far as pureeing veggies and fruits to add to his raw meat patties. But once the kiddo came around, I realized that was just too much to handle. So I passed along the responsibilities to Kyle... which has slowly evolved into grain-free kibble and a 1/2 patty of raw meat. This is going to sound sad, but I'm so not used to doing it now, I've even forgotten to feed the dog on days Kyle is out of town. Oopsy!!!

3) Getting my car wash. I won't even go as far as taking it through a drive-thru. Mostly I feel like its a waste of money when Kyle can just do it himself for free. Now... I know what you're thinking... and let me just explain. My husband used to own his own business. What business might that have been you ask?? Oh, a MOBILE CAR WASHING AND DETAILING BUSINESS!!! Yes, he used to WASH CARS for a living before he sold his business!! Hence my mentality that Kyle should be more than capable to do it himself. Yet... here my car sits, dirty. For weeks at a time.

So, I think that's about it. ;-)


  1. LOL!!! This made me laugh because there's always those "unsaid" things that we expect our husbands to do (like the trash). I usually refuse to take out the trash - but I most the time has to nag for him to do it, but I'll just let it sit there getting SUPER full/stinky. Like, maybe it'll teach him a lesson. Or not, it's happened a bajillion times ;)

  2. ..I should really proofread my comment before I submit it - oops! :)

  3. The trash is Jon's responsibility too. Although he often forgets so I just let it sit there until he notices. I mean come on I don't ask for much!