Friday, January 14, 2011

#1 My Work Space

Just a couple months ago, I spent lots of time and energy redecorating our office. It was documented on my Tumbr... so if you want to see my spanking new office, check it out here on Color My House Rad.

The fact of the matter is, I don't use that office... other than to store my business stuff and gear. Rowan won't let me work in there, even if there is a baby sitter. He just screams at the door. And... our cell phones don't work in there (Thanks ATT) and we're too cheap to get a land line. (Do you know how expensive a land line is???)

So... most days I work standing up at my kitchen counter or at my (new) kitchen table. And unless I have to back my work up or print something, I hardly go in my office. Which makes me sad... because I LOVE the room and I feel like it really is a representation of my style. Buuuut... until Rowan lets me work in there, it will remain relatively unused.

Kitchen Table:
kitchen table

Kitchen Counter:

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  1. oh no you really can't use the office you busted your booty on? That sucks! But you do have a nice dining there's that