Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I was watching The Today Show this morning and Dr. Oz was on telling people that one of the best ways to help stick to your Resolutions was to a) write them down and b) tell people about them. So this is me doing that. ;-) And here they are...

1) Educate myself on what I feed my family and take action in changing how we eat. I'm already getting lots of good tips on how to make changes. Last night Kyle and I watched Food Matters on Netflix. It was a great watch and definitely a good start. But it also left me wanting more. So here are some books I'm looking into:

2) Run at 10k. I was going to just say "get into shape" but that was so vague and setting myself up for fail. So I thought a more definite goal would be to run a 10k in May. There are a number to chose from so I hope to register in the next month or so. I've already started back on Couch to 5k (and pre purchased the Bridge to 10k for my iphone). I'm SUPER excited to get into running shape. I grew up as a soccer player and being in good shape was always just a given. So being so out of shape has been hard on me mentally.

3) Grow out my hair. But you already knew that one. ;-)

4) Along the lines of #1, but still different... be more intentional about our meals and grocery shopping. This means making weekly food schedules and shopping with intention for those meals.

5) Quite time in prayer and in the Bible. Its so easy to get lost on this one and let it go by the wayside. My Pastor recently said "if its important to you , you will make time for it." That struck a major cord with me because at the time I was in the middle of watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I had watched almost 4 seasons in 3 weeks. WHAT THE? I had to admit, at the time, Grey's was more important to me that time with God. So, I really am working on changing that.

So that's them! I have mini resolutions too, like doing the dishes after each meal and keeping my side of the bathroom clean but I don't believe that "not being a slob" should be a resolution as much as it is being a good wife and roommate to Kyle. ;-) He's been asking me to be better at these things for 5 years, its time to start doing that.

Now... off to get working on these!

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  1. great resolutions!! i was talking to jesse about a possible resolution for a half marathon. i have only done a 5k. i would totally do a 10k with you. i'm probably not a great running partner as i run VERY slow, but at least we can train mentally together! let me know which one!