Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#10 Fifteen Facts About Me

#1 I have a hard time getting interested in reading a book if there isn't some sort of romance/love element to it. It doesn't have to be the main focus, but I feel like it needs to be there in some context. Like The Hunger Games. Just finished that series and REALLY enjoyed it.

#2 I'm afraid that after I lose weight from working out and eating right, my stomach will still never be the same and I'll always have to wear Spanx in order to feel comfortable. My stomach was so huge the day I delivered that I'm afrait its beyond anything that working out and eating right can fix. Meaning, I will probably never wear a 2 piece bathing suit again.

#3 I find my dog really annoying. Which breaks my heart. But he jumps and barks and is impossible to control when guests are over. He used to be my "child" before Rowan... and now I often find myself wondering if I'd be mad at myself if we just gave him to a good home. But Kyle would never allow it. But the dog hair on our wood floors is DRIVING ME CRAZY. Oh... and he is also $80 or more to feed each month.

#4 I struggle with feeling "original." And feel like people think my style (both with my own self and my photography) is just a cheap copy of somebody else's.

Wow... lets move onto more happier things.

#5 If I could live off one meal for the rest of my life... it would be Nachos. But pizza would be a close second.

#6 I'm OBSESSED with this season of The Bachelor... and I really really really want Emily to win.

#7 I drink a LOT of black coffee. And I would rather hit up a gas station for black coffee than going to Starbucks for something expensive that just tastes burnt to me.

#8 My side of our bathroom looks like a tornado hit it... and it drives Kyle crazy.

#9 I can't pick a favorite Girl Scout Cookie. But my top favorites are the Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Trefoils & Samoas.

#10 Sometimes I miss living in Bakersfield, but then I go back and visit... and I become so thankful Kyle and I never moved back. Because it was (briefly) an option. Now, I just miss my family.

#11 I am super paranoid about wrinkles... so I have been using anti-aging moisturizers for YEARS. I mean, like 8 years. So far so good... but I honestly don't know if its as a result of expensive face creams, or just staying out of the sun, or good genes.

#12 I LOVE makeup. And while I have no problem going to the store with out makeup, I will never, under any condition, go out in a social setting with out makeup.

#13 I often miss my long hair... but know its just not the look for me. Nor do I ever want to deal with growing it out again.

#14 I think I would be comfortable and capable of living on the East Coast... New York maybe.

#15 I still occasionally Facebook stalk some guys I used to date.


  1. Don't you feel like sometimes we need to have one big group therapy session?

  2. raven- haha. yes. that would be helpful. ;-)

  3. So I think you need to stop being so self conscious about your weight and stuff, you are perfect the way you are! :) Also, get me outta Bako, now!

    Our dog Sadie is also super annoying, she is the sweetest thing, but just LOVES people too much. She is constantly licking and throwing toys at people when they are over. Annoying.